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Calling 1997!

In 1997 I was 19 years old and had a baby in my life. And even then as I do now what is it I did to unwind after a long day? Video games. I remember sitting in my at the time boyfriends apartment and cracking open the multi box CD case and pulling out Disk one. After the, okay at the time it seemed like for friken ever, play-station loading screen I saw this…


This game was my crack. After my son was asleep and they boyfriend was at work I would spend time along the quest lines. Laughing at the campy dialog, picking which characters to run with and hating chocabo races with a passion. I laughed, I cried and I, like so many fan girls before and after me idolized One character.

His grit. His holier then thou way of doing things. His absolute devotion… and the fact he was a nutter. And we all loved him. I do not know how many fan boys took his name in any way on the net. I am pretty sure I cant count that high. Sephiroth.

So as I am writing this E3 has been going on and Square Enix had there big show. I was floored as they opened up with the game. We all knew that his beloved game was coming back, but now, now we know how combat will work, and the animation styles.

The familiar and now iconic music playing in the background. I had goose bumps folks! Not going to lie and when I saw this face, I gasped aloud. Yeah I am stupid levels of excited for this!


I am excited to revisit a fond friend which I do visit on my switch. I am eager to once more travel with Cloud and his band of misfits.

And I will likely still hate the chocabo race >.<

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