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So You Wanna Chainmaille?


So you want to get started in chainmaille? Awesome! Great! Now lets look at your options.

You can learn from a kit. A chainmaille kit can be bought with instructions and will guide you step by step towards a finished product. They come in many levels from beginner to expert level and hold all the rings you need to have a completed item. ( Be warned some kits do not come with instructions so read carefully )
Or you can learn the longer way. Buying some rings, I suggest 18swg (1.2mm) 3/16" (4.8mm) stainless steel saw cut rings, some pliers and just opening and closing the rings. No patterns. No anything but the opening and closing of the rings to teach yourself the fundamentals of how to actually close a ring. Its not just a twist closed but a bit of side pressure as well.

It will also help you develop muscle memory. Strength in your arms back chest and shoulders as well. It will get you use to the feel of the tools in your hand and how to make them an extension of yourself. Sounds strange right but the more fluid your movements the easier the process.

Pros of a kit:

Cheaper. Hands down this way is the cheapest way to go. One kit and some toothless pliers and wallah your off to the races. You will have instructions to guide you through each step of the process and you will have a finished work at the end.

Cons of a kit:

Kits do not teach the basic fundamentals and you do not have many “oppsy” rings to learn on. Also there is a race to a finished product so you are adding more self pressure to get it done.

The longer way Pros:

Fundamentals! With the longer way for a month all you are working on is how to properly hold your tools and you closures. Closures are everything in chainmaille and having that foundation is really important. You also lack the added stress of needing to complete a project.

The longer way Cons:

Its boring. Not going to lie its dull as anything. Also it is a bit more expensive to go this way.

Either way the choice is yours!

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